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Important Notice - PHONE SCAM

Some Apex Bank customers are receiving automated phone calls from a source identifying itself as Visa.  The phone call states that “Your Debit/Credit card has been blocked”.  The customer is then prompted to “Press 1” to re-activate their card.  The customer is then instructed to key in their 16 digit card number.  At this point the card has become compromised. If you have given out your debit card number in this fashion, please call the bank immediately Tuesday morning.  We will NEED to “BLOCK” your card. 

As a reminder, never give your card number or any other bank information to any phone or internet inquiry.  The Apex Bank will never use these formats to inquire on your accounts.

Important Notice - EMAIL SCAM
Apex Bank has been made aware of a scam website posing as Apex Bank.  This unauthorized website is  Do NOT go to this website and most importantly, do NOT enter your account number or password onto this site.  The only authorized and valid website for Apex Bank is and this site remains secure for all of our internet banking services.  Please feel free to call any of our banking offices for any questions that you might have.  

Internet Banking - Important Notice for first time users: Wait for an e-mail verifying enrollment before logging in for the first time. 

Important information: Apex Bank, will never ask you for personal information, like account numbers and or passwords through e-mail.  Be aware of e-mails asking you to download programs; Apex Bank will never ask you to do so.

Do not respond to any e-mail asking you to update your personal information online or through the phone. Only utilize the Bank numbers found on our website.

Links to Online Banking, ATM locator and FDIC are links to external websites. Please note that Apex Bank cannot be held responsible for other websites´ privacy policies or content.

The Federal Depository Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has sent out an alert to consumers, companies and financial institutions about certain fraudulent e-mails which supposedly come from, or are related to, financial institutions.  Such fraudulent e-mails are scams that use the internet as a vehicle and incorporate certain news such as mergers, acquisitions, and or bank closures to appear legitimate to obtain information.

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To report a lost/stolen debit card after regular bank hours please call 800.500.1044
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